Since 1954

Since its foundation in 1954 by Arnold Topper, AI Topper & Co has grown to become one of the most respected producers, processors and exporters of raw, semi-processed and finished stocks.

Over six decades, AI Topper has developed from its beginnings as a merchant trader of Raw Sheepskins and Hides, to its standing today as a market leader, handling all stages of production from Raw Salted Stocks through to Finished Leathers. Continuing today as a third generation family business, the emphasis on professionalism and quality control is of paramount importance as AI Topper continually strives to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

A combination of experience and continual investment in the most advanced technologies guarantees an unmatched expertise in all facets of supply and a thorough understanding of customers’ requirements. By integrating a wide network of contacts across Australia and throughout the world, the AI Topper Group of companies is able to provide their customers with a comprehensive source of a range of Hides, Skins and Leathers.

Australia, with its unique climate and vegetation patterns, provides a rich natural resource base which yields different varieties of Hides and Skins. Products from each state of Australia have inherent differences due to the breed and landscape variations which prevail in each area. To optimise the natural advantages of this environment, AI Topper has established processing plants in all major Hide and Skin producing regions, ensuring customers are able to access a diverse material base in consistent and steady supply.

In its appreciation of customers’ needs for complete service across a range of product lines, AI Topper has established facilities specialising in each of the following – Brinecured Cattle Hides, Wetblue Cattle Hides, Wetblue Splits, Pickle/Wetblue Hide Grains, Kangaroo Skins and Finished Leathers, Sheepskins, Lambskins, Goatskins and Horse Hides.

In recent years, AI Topper has developed transparent alliances with a number of key Meatworks across Australia. These strategic alliances create value for customers by allowing them to purchase from one central source. This approach works to strengthen market mechanisms along the full length of the value chain – linking end-users and primary producers.

Integral to this philosophy is AI Topper’s continual investment in supply chain efficiencies at the Meatworks source. Associated reductions in on-costs and improved Hide handling techniques enable AI Topper’s customers and suppliers to derive mutual benefit in the form of efficient cost structures and superior product quality. Further, stringent controls over all aspects of the production process enables AI Topper to maintain consistently high quality levels, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Focus on service and flexibility enables AI Topper to remain highly responsive to customer needs and fluctuating demands. A key component of this customer-focus is AI Topper’s ongoing commitment to educating new markets about the benefits and qualities of the various materials available from Australia.