Australia in perspective

Differences in climate, topography and vegetation allow for the existence of a variety of breeds and qualities of Hides and Skins

Australia is a vast country marked by large variations in climate and geography. This diverse environment stretches to include the arid north, tropical coastal areas and cooler southern states.

Northern Australia receives most of its rain in summer whilst Southern Australia receives most in winter – being more typical of a Mediterranean climate. Closely associated with these climates are Australia’s vegetation patterns, which move from rich vegetation along the coast to the more arid interior. The north of Australia is characterised by an essentially tropical environment, whereas the southern environments are more temperate.

Australia’s economy has always been largely dependent upon the export of raw materials and primary commodities including unprocessed crops, wool and minerals.

Within the Hide and Skin industry, AI Topper has continuously been at the forefront of the development of processing plants across Australia.

With the centre of operations located in Sydney, AI Topper has built up a substantial network of processing divisions in all major Hide and Skin producing regions – Southern Queensland, Central/Northern NSW, Southern NSW, Victoria and South Australia.

Each AI Topper production facility is designed to specialise according to the Hides and Skins prevalent in each region so that quality across all products is of a consistently high standard, whilst giving customers access to a unique and varied resource base.