Australia Cattle Hides

Significant rationalisation and advancement of the Meat, Hide and Skin industries in recent years has meant that Australia now represents a modern and diverse natural resource base which gives buyers access to a range of quality Hide, Skin and Leather products in consistent and steady supply.

The majority of cattle in Australia are raised and slaughtered in the eastern states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Cattle industry statistics indicate that approximately 50% of the cattle slaughter occurs in Queensland, almost 30% in New South Wales and 15% in Victoria. The cattle grazing areas in Australia cover an area equivalent to half of the continental landmass.

Australian Hides are essentially derived from pure breeds or cross breeds of European and Tropical strains. Cattle are mainly bred for Beef although Australia has a significant Dairy industry located predominantly in the Southern States (Victoria/Tasmania).

Australia’s status as one of the largest exporters of Meat and Livestock has seen a dramatic increase in the use of Feedlots.

Feedlot cattle are hand or technically fed a grain-based diet to produce a consistent quality of meat – mostly for export to discerning overseas markets. These Feedlot environments produce Hides with superior grain quality and minimal defects. Typically, Feedlotting occurs for a period of 70-100 days (short-term) up to a maximum of 320-360 days (long-term).