Brinecured hides

Through its comprehensive network of processing plants AI Topper supplies Brinecured Hides from every Australian origin

Fresh green Hides are immersed in AI Topper’s brinecuring raceways or drums and are processed for a minimum of 16 hours in a saturated brine solution of 96% salinity with added bactericides.

Salinity, ash moisture ratios and Hide temperatures are continuously monitored throughout the entire process to guarantee correct and proper curing.

Hides are processed either as Brinecured Conventional Unfleshed Material or Brinecured Fleshed and Trimmed, depending on customer requirements.

AI Topper maintains a far-reaching network of processing plants supplying Brinecured Hides from all the major beef producing regions of Australia.

The AI Topper brinecuring process ensures Hides maintain a more than adequate shelf life as well as enabling them to be transported to all parts of the globe without fear of damage during voyage duration.