Kangaroo skins & leather

The natural choice for superior strength, performance and quality

Kangaroo Leather is a unique and valuable substrate which is unmatched in terms of strength, light weight, and durability.

The Kangaroo industry and supply chain represent an intelligent and sustainable use of a natural resource. Combined with worlds’ best practice in terms of process and product engineering at facilities located at the raw material source, all AI Topper Kangaroo Leather is environmentally sustainable over the long term.

AI Topper Kangaroo Skins originate in four states of Australia – New South Wales, Queensland (southern areas), South Australia and Western Australia – where Kangaroos are culled by professional harvesters strictly in accordance with rigid rules and limitations set down by the Australian Government. Each state has a Kangaroo Management Program in place to maintain and control their Kangaroo populations and to ensure the industry’s humanity, sustainability and integrity.

Every export consignment is accompanied by documentation tracing the leather to skins collected in the field by licensed harvesters only. In this way, it is possible to trace each skin back to the exact collection point location and the individual harvester.

Working in partnership with substantial Kangaroo Meatworks, AI Topper’s Kangaroo Skins are consolidated at our dedicated Kangaroo processing facility situated in Adelaide, South Australia. Here, a highly skilled and experienced team direct material into a range of tightly controlled selections determined by intended end usage.

Skins selected for the Leather trade are processed through to Pickle where they are stringently graded for both size and quality. Skins are then either exported in Pickled form or further processed into Wetblue, Crust or Finished Leather according to buyers’ specific requirements.

During the Winter season Furskins are selected in Raw/Green state with reference to pelt quality, fur cover and density, and are available as Salted, Pickled or Finished Kangaroo Furskins.

In recent years, AI Topper has invested significant resources in the creation of a new Supply Chain model, designed to provide a consistent flow of quality product. Strategic shifts in sourcing, processing and procurement arrangements have strengthened AI Topper’s ability to provide increased quantities of quality Kangaroo Skins and Leathers at competitive and stable price levels.

This, together with the development of various tannage techniques specifically engineered for light Leathers, ensures a seamless and reliable flow of product along the entire length of the value chain.