Why choose kangaroo?

With a compact bundle structure, low angle of weave, positive corium to grain ratio and low fat content, Kangaroo provides superior strength over all other alternatives.

Kangaroo Leather fibres run in a horizontal pattern as opposed to the more vertical construction of bovine hides. The fibre structure of Kangaroo Leather in fact runs almost parallel to the surface of the leather which imparts Kangaroo with incomparable strength. Furthermore, Kangaroo Leather does not require splitting thereby avoiding any weakening of the Leather as a result.

This fibre structure and the specific tannages associated with Kangaroo, also give Kangaroo Leather a natural resistance to water uptake.

Kangaroo skins contain far less natural fat than the Bovine/Sheep alternatives. Fat is contained in the cross-section of a skin and when removed during the tanning process, it leaves a void which can result in a reduction in strength. Kangaroo Leather’s inherent strength is preserved during the tanning process, allowing manufacturers to use light weight and flexible leather without sacrificing strength.

AI Topper Kangaroo Leather is the Leather of choice in sports and high stress applications and is used worldwide in the production of soccer/football shoes, baseball, golf and other sports shoes, hiking boots, motorcycle garment, golf and motorcycle gloving, and other sports accessories.

AI Topper Kangaroo Leather is also widely used in fashion footwear, garment and accessories – favoured for its soft touch and light weight. It is also a preferred leather for use in premium quality glazed aniline shoe uppers where durability, abrasion resistance and comfort are a high priority.

Premium Selection Kangaroo Garment Furskins are well sought for mid to high price point garment and accessories manufacture.