Wetblue hides

AI Topper ensures that the depth of skill and dedication exist to produce a consistently high quality product

As a key component of its commitment to value-adding at the source, AI Topper has invested significant resources in the expansion of its Wetblue capacity. AI Topper own and operate two separate Wetblue Tanneries – Walfertan Processors and Gunnedah Leather Processors.

Both tanneries use the best available technology in order to ensure the quality and consistency of their Wetblue product. The process is designed to minimise impact on the local environment with the use of hair saving, chrome recycling and CO2 technologies.

On arrival at the tanneries, Hides are green fleshed, weight ranged and loaded into drums for the fully automated tanning process. From the Wetblue drums, all Hides are sammyed to a consistent moisture content of 58-60% and then stringently graded for both grain quality and weight. Grading systems have been developed to allow for flexibility to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Once graded and weight ranged, Hides are packed on pallets and shrink-wrapped with individual pallet numbers automatically generated by AI Topper’s Inventory Management System. This allows for detailed tracking of the Hides on each pallet relating to Hide origin, quality and production date.

By combining state-of-the-art process management systems, strict testing procedures and an ongoing commitment to employee training and education, AI Topper ensures that the skill and commitment exist to produce a consistently high quality product.

All Walfertan and Gunnedah Leather Processors Wetblue Hides are tested for shrinkage, chrome content, moisture, fungal protection and strength on a drum by drum basis.

Wetblue Hides can be offered either as full substance whole Hides or alternatively as Grains split in Wetblue according to customers’ substance requirements.

In addition to Grains split in Wetblue, AI Topper also has a regular production of Lime Split Grains which can be delivered in either Pickled or Wetblue condition.

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AI Topper Wetblue Drop Split productions are all split in Wetblue from 100% machine pulled Australian Meatworks Hides, and are produced as a by-product of Grain Splits, Crust and Finished Leather productions.

Wetblue Drop Splits are offered as Untrimmed whole Hides, but from time to time supply of Single and Double Butt Splits are available depending on production requirements.

Offers are made with an average weight, but occasionally reference may also be made to estimated substance in the butt and estimated size.