Hide quality

It has always been of paramount importance that AI Topper source the vast majority of its Hide supply from large city based Meatworks, where only the highest quality cattle are slaughtered.

At these Meatworks, Hides are machine-pulled thereby assuring a minimal amount of damage during take-off. In order to ensure the quality of the Hides promptly after slaughter, AI Topper have established various short term preservation facilities at the Meatworks source and at strategic locations nearby the major slaughter centres. These facilities enable Hides to be transported to its various processing plants without the risk of grain deterioration prior to processing.


Hides from all origins within Australia are trimmed in a similar manner with short shanks and necks, without ears, lower lip and tail with all excess removed. Some origins may include a proportion of horse shoe or tail root trim not exceeding 13 centimetres from the butt.


Meatworks Firsts/Sound Quality: Hides fair to well flayed with some fat and meat adhering. No cuts in the prime region but may have up to 3 cuts in the offal and no major grain defects.

Meatworks Seconds/Cuts Quality: For Hides from origins other than ticky areas, a Second is a Hide carrying defects such as warts, excessive brands or large hornmarks. These defects in ticky Hides do not constitute Seconds. Cuts may have up to 3 cuts in the prime and/or over 3 cuts in the offal. A Hide with more than 3 cuts in the prime is to be downgraded.

Country Hides: Hides collected from smaller country abattoirs. Hides generally well handflayed although exhibiting a percentage of score marks.

Low Grade Hides: Hides which are generally machine-pulled but which can include “Faulty” Hides and/or “Flesher-Damaged” Hides.


AI Topper Hide productions are shipped in twenty foot general purpose containers each carrying a maximum net weight of approximately 21,000 kilograms. Containers carrying AI Topper Brinecured Hides are always lined in plastic with Hides securely strapped onto disposable wooden pallets suitable for export.