AI Topper is focused on the continued development of environmentally clean and safe production processes through ongoing investment in the latest technology

As the Hide and Skin industry in Australia becomes more rationalised and advanced, there is an increasing emphasis on efficiency and quality in the production process. In line with these changes, AI Topper devotes considerable time and investment to ensure it remains a leader, not only in processing and exporting, but also in technological development and long-term environmental sustainability.

Ongoing investment in the most sophisticated processing and tanning techniques allows for optimum production efficiencies within the parametres of a long-term commitment to environmental management and protection. Innovative approaches to effluent treatment and control are given the highest priority at all processing facilities to ensure minimal impact upon surrounding environments and ecosystems.

As part of AI Topper’s dedication to providing the highest quality service and products, it invests considerable resources into developing and training its employees to encourage optimal performance and create a safe, team-focused working environment.