AI Topper has the flexibility to process and offer Cattle Hides either in the Brinecured or Wetblue condition, enabling it to cater to all markets as well as customers' specific requirements.

AI Topper Hides are offered with a designated origin referring to the state in which the slaughter took place. As AI Topper has its own hide processing facilities in all the most important cattle producing regions, Hide origins are never mixed. Due to the varying breeds, vegetation and climatic conditions prevailing in Australia, Hides from different states show inherent differences.


Straight Run (S/R) Hides: Taken in the main from the ticky areas in this state which are essentially located along the coastal regions. Seasonally this selection may comprise a percentage of Hides which are free of visible tick in the raw state.

Tick Free Area (TFA) Hides: Derived from those regions of Queensland designated as being free of cattle ticks. Hides are nevertheless graded over a neon backlight grading table to further eliminate any obviously ticky Hides. Although upon dehairing such TFA Hides should comprise bulk tick free Hides, there could still be a percentage of Hides from cattle which may have previously inhabited a Queensland ticky region, and in which case grain could show some sign of light tick or healed tick damage.

Brand marks and horn marks are a normal characteristic of Queensland productions and are more common than in Hides taken from Southern regions. Queensland Hides are more spready than Hides from other Australian origins. Feedlotting is quite prevalent in this state.


Hides with good grain, no cattle tick and with approximately 30/40% of the cattle butt branded. Slightly better yielding in area than other Southern Australian origins. Feedlots becoming more prominent.


Hides with good grain, no cattle tick, approximately 10/20% of cattle are butt branded. Beef and Dairy origins graded and sold separately.


Tick free Hides with generally good grain at times similar to New South Wales/Victorian origins.


Cattle derived from the Northern areas of South Australia may comprise additional scratch marks as a result of the more harsh vegetation and terrain – these are graded and sold separately.


Hides with very good grain selection, no tick and with minimal brands.


Hides with excellent grain characteristics, no brands or ticks. Beef and Dairy origins graded separately.