Wetblue Hides

New state of the art drum technology produces a high quality wetblue product in greater volumes, with lower per hide water, energy and chemical consumption.

On arrival hides are green fleshed, weight ranged and loaded into drums for the fully automated tanning process where automated dosing and hide packing systems deliver significant environmental, product quality and occupational health and safety benefits.

The process minimises the impact on the local environment with the use of hair saving, chrome recycling and CO2 deliming technologies.

Wetblue hides can be offered either as full substance whole hides or as grains split in wetblue. AI Topper also has a regular production of lime split grains which can be delivered in either pickled or wetblue condition.

AI Topper wetblue drop split productions are all split in wetblue from 100% machine pulled hides, and are produced as a by-product of grain splits, crust and finished leather productions.

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The best available technology for quality wetblue products


58-60% consistent moisture content with stringent grain and weight grading

Processing that minimises impact on local environment