Leather represents an intelligent use of a by-product which would otherwise be discarded. Australian leather is renowned for its quality, sourced from healthy animals raised on well cared for land.

Every AI Topper product is traceable, ethical and sustainable.



Hides sourced from AI Topper are fully traceable back to their meatworks through a comprehensive inventory management system. With dedicated processing facilities in all key regions, hide origins are never mixed.

All AI Topper kangaroo skins and leather comply with the National Code of Practice and are tagged and traced accordingly.


Ethically sourced

AI Topper sources its hides and skins from meatworks with a proven animal welfare record and only works with  those committed to sustainable farming practices. The Australian Meat and Livestock industry has set a target to be carbon neutral by 2030.

AI Topper kangaroo production comes from free and wild populations of abundant non-threatened and non-CITES listed species, sustainably managed by Australian governments. All AI Topper kangaroo skins and leather are by-products of the meat industry.


Clean production

AI Topper is an active member of the leading environmental certification for the global leather industry. Consumers can look to the LWG rating system to ensure their leather is processed in the cleanest and most sustainable way. Our wholly owned Gunnedah Leather Processors and Adelaide Processors have both been awarded the highest rating level of GOLD by the LWG. See here for LWG audit protocols.


A Natural Product

Leather is a natural material with inherent high-quality and durable features. It is a positive material choice in terms of environmental impact and animal welfare. Hides and skins are by-products that would otherwise be discarded.

Real leather has a longer lifespan and is quicker to breakdown than many synthetic alternatives. AI Topper kangaroo leather is recognised by the HIGG Index (worldwide measurement of value chain sustainability) as the best scoring leather choice. This is because Kangaroos are harvested in the wild, consume less water and have a significantly lower carbon footprint.

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